STC Catalysts, Inc.


STC Catalysts, Inc. has an exclusive license from NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) to manufacture carbon monoxide (CO) oxidation catalysts for use in carbon dioxide (CO2) laser applications. STC Catalysts, Inc. is an affiliate of Science and Technology Corporation (STC).

STC scientists and engineers who supported NASA LaRC in the development of the catalyst are co-inventors on the patents, and have received NASA awards for their efforts. STC Catalyst, Inc. is manufacturing the prototype and production units.

The image above shows an STC Catalyst for CO2 Lasers. The catalyst is coated on cordierite, has a 3 inch outer diameter, 3 inch height, and contains approximately 400 cells per square inch.


Low Temperature Oxidation Catalyst

Monolithic Shapes Coated with the NASA/Sci Catalyst

Courtesy NASA Langley Research Center